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Previously the theater was a drab and uninviting place. Before Pollack management, Tempe Cinemas never saw more than 1,000 guests in any given day. Today the new Pollack Tempe Cinemas has more character and personality than any other discount theater in Arizona and often sees its guest count reach upwards of 4,000 on any given weekend!

Upon entering the redesigned lobby, you'll immediately notice an atmosphere that is unlike any other. Faces of celebrities greet our guests through autographed photos, life-size standup figures, movie posters and other movie memorabilia. Guests are encouraged to have their photos taken with celebrity figures and often do!

While waiting for your movie to begin, enjoy playing popular and current video games in the lobby. The recently remodeled snack bar features Coca-Cola products, fresh popcorn, hot dogs and a variety of candy broad enough to please every taste bud in your mouth!

With all there is to do at Pollack Tempe Cinemas it can be easy to forget why you came in the first place. However, guests continue to return to Pollack Tempe Cinemas because of its wide selection of popular movies. With movies for children, families, teenagers as well as adults running every day, Pollack Tempe Cinemas has something for everyone.

Pollack Tempe Cinemas

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